We want to do for the next generation what Archie and Gilbert did for ours.

When brothers Archie and Gil Vermette went into business together back in 1973, their goal was simple: to honour and support their parents while also making life better for their respective families. That’s at the heart of the Métis heritage they grew up in.

Archie’s oldest son, Perry (and his sons, Kyle and Sam), proudly carry on that family tradition.

Growing up on the family farm instilled lifelong values.

Archie and Gil’s characters were formed in an environment that prizes self-reliance, an enterprising, can-do attitude, honesty, fairness and hard work – all the classic traits that prepare a person for whatever challenges they might encounter in business and life in general.

Along with working on the farm in the Horse Lake District of Saskatchewan, the boys helped out with the family’s forestry business at the same time as they built their own business.

As adults, Archie found employment with various forestry contractors throughout the province of Saskatchewan, while Gilbert went into the communications industry at SaskTel, the provincial telephone company. All the while they kept the forestry business going.

They earned an industry-wide reputation for generosity and fairness.

Archie had an uncanny knack for attracting people from all walks of life. They sensed they could trust him, then learned from experience that, in fact, they could. Everyone felt like he was their big brother, always ready to help out. Gil was the business-minded partner. Between the two, it was an ideal combination of skills.


Spruce Home became the company home in 1973.

By this point, the brothers decided to purchase what is now our current site in Spruce Home, along with a peeler and loader. The company, Vermette Wood Preservers (VWP), also started treating agricultural fence posts using the dipping process – a blended solution of creosote and diesel.

The big turning point came when they switched over to Penta.

As the wood preservation industry modernized pressure-treated systems, VWP purchased an up-to-date system in 1982 and constructed the wood treating facility that operates to this day.

Archie and Gil committed the company to exclusively using oil-based pentachlorophenol (Penta) wood preservative. The Spruce Home facility remains one of the very few wood treating plants in North America that is still certified to treat with Penta. What makes Penta so special? Read more.

The second generation builds on the foundation created by Archie and Gil.

In 2005, Archie’s son Perry assumed management and ownership of the family business.

Under Perry’s management, and encouraged by the company’s growing success, VWP has dramatically expanded its product line in order to serve whole new industries, such as the utility sector, oil and gas, construction, and products for the residential retail sector. VWP also supplies all of its product lines to the public sector.

Since 1973 VWP has undergone many upgrades and expansions to its facilities. The current facility still operates at the original location but now covers 26 acres. Perry has welcomed his sons, the third generation of the family, into the business. He is excited about their potential for developing and expanding it.

Setting the bar higher with a 25-Year Warranty.

VWP has always recognized the need to back the high quality of its fence posts with a warranty that is unsurpassed in the industry. While competitors make undefined promises, VWP offers a true 25-year warranty that’s clearly unique by burning the corporate brand into each post they produce.

Memberships in good standing.

VWP is proud to be a member of the following organizations:

  • Wood Preservation Canada
  • Saskatchewan Trade & Export Partnership
  • Indigenous Chamber of Commerce of Saskatchewan
  • Canadian Aboriginal & Minority Supplier Council
  • Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business
  • ISNetworld

VWP meets or exceeds every quality and industry standard.

We strictly adhere to the guidelines set out by Wood Preservation Canada, as well as the standards established by the American Wood Protection Association for preservative penetration and retention. www.woodpreservation.ca, www.awpa.com

All our wood products meet or exceed the requirements in both Canada and the United States.

Where you’ll find us.

The Vermette Wood Preservers office, treatment plant, yard & storage facilities are located in Spruce Home, Saskatchewan, which is 19 km north of Prince Albert, on Highway 2.

Thanks to our spacious storage facilities, we always have plenty of fence posts and wood products ready for shipment to our many customers throughout North America. Because everything is done on site, we’re able to keep costs low, which enables us to keep prices low.

We’re now second and third generation.

2nd and 3rd generation Vermette Wood Preservers

Perry now operates Vermette Wood Preservers with the help of his son-in-law, Samuel Hadden (General Manager), son Kyle Vermette (Production Manager), and grandson Rhome Watson (Manager-in-Training). VWP currently employs 28 people when operating at full capacity, and indirectly employs 14 people harvesting their annual wood allotment.

 “Dad was a forward thinker, so I’m sure he would approve of what we’ve done with the family business – how we’ve developed our product line and expanded into new industries, how VWP has grown from a small fence-post business into a thriving company that serves all of North America.”

–Perry Vermette, CEO