Wood Shavings

Responsible recycling benefits everyone.

When we peel jack pine to make fence posts, the by-product is 100% natural jack pine wood shavings.

Our shavings do not come from recycled pallets or old-construction wood products; nor do they contain hazardous chemicals or foreign objects, which has happened in the past to the landscaping and playground surfacing industries. What’s more, we collect our wood chips long before the fence post treating process begins.

Bottom line: you’ll have peace of mind, knowing that our wood shavings are safe for people, pets, and the environment.

Our wood shavings deliver excellent weed suppression, moisture retention, and erosion control. They also have other noteworthy features:

  • 100% natural virgin fibres mean VWP’s mulch is eco-friendly. It’s not made from salvaged wood pallets or treated wood products that contain toxic chemicals.
  • Our biodegradable colourant is completely safe for your children and pets, since it’s low in VOCs (volatile organic compounds).
  • These vivid colours will not fade or run. With our unique sapwood-peeling process, the colourant penetrates deeper into the wood fibre, making it unique in the wood shavings industry compared to the less-absorbent heartwood from recycled building products that is used by other manufacturers.
  • Our mulch withstands windy conditions better. Thanks to its distinctive physical profile, which allows VWP wood shavings to interweave with one another, creating a unique, stable surface area.
  • You’ll have a lower water bill, since our mulch holds moisture that’s your trees and shrubs.
  • VWP mulch also moderates soil temperature, in addition to minimizing weeds.

For more information on our new line of coloured mulch, please download our Premium Coloured Pine Mulch Brochure.


Children’s safety is our top priority!

Made from 100% virgin-wood fibre, VWP’s wood shavings are a natural, cost-effective, and safe solution for use in and around parks and playgrounds. They provide superior impact support for playground falls compared to sand or pea gravel, thereby earning Canadian safety certifications.

What’s more, while many wood-chip manufacturers use chemically-treated wood and pallets to produce their shavings, VWP’s shavings come from natural post peelings and contain no hazardous chemicals.


Unique air pockets cushion the impact of falls.

Hard-packed playground surfacing provides no impact absorption when kids have falls.

In contrast to those surfaces, when VWP surfacing is layered, our shavings take on natural outside humidity levels, and air pockets are created that prevent hardening and minimize the force of impacts.

For more information about our playground surfacing product, please download our Playground Shavings Brochure.

Here’s what one of our current school-division customers is saying:

“Our School Division has been using Vermette Wood Preservers shavings in our playgrounds for many years. Their playground shavings are always readily available when we order, and principals and parents have always been pleased with their safe, quality shavings. I would definitely recommend their product to other school divisions, principals and parents.”

Mike Hurd

Superintendent of Facilities, Saskatchewan Rivers Public School Division


Jack pine shavings reduce stress for animals.

Wood shavings perform better than straw, and wood shavings from VWP outperform other products in the ag sector. The reason for this is that jack pine absorbs the ammonia and nitrogen in barn waste much more effectively than any other wood species.


Plants thrive when jack pine shavings are used!

Wood shavings from jack pine deliver a wide range of benefits:

  • Unbeatable weed suppression
  • Moisture retention around trees and shrubs
  • Improved plant growth
  • Greater longevity than other products
  • Superior overall value compared to other wood species, stone, and synthetic landscaping materials

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