Plenty of 100% jack pine in various sizes.

A by-product of post processing, seasoned firewood is sold in:

  • 6-7 ft length bundles (about 0.75 of a cord) and
  • 8 ft length bundles (about 1.1 cords)
  • Large Firewood Bags – containing blocked and split firewood.

These ready-to-go bags hold about 1/4 of a cord, and fill the back of a half- ton truck.

  • Firewood Bundles – split firewood bundled and wrapped in plastic. Popular with many parks and organizations.

A stacked cord is 4’ X 4’ X 8’ for a total of 128 cubic feet of wood. A loosely piled cord is 160 cubic feet, which allows for the air space between unstacked pieces of wood.

Why we offer seasoned – not unseasoned – wood.

Unseasoned, freshly-cut wood tends to have a high moisture content, making it harder to burn. It also produces more smoke, yet less heat than seasoned wood.

We allow our wood to dry naturally for several months after cutting and stacking it in bundles. This simple step means that our seasoned wood lights more easily, burns hotter, and emits less smoke – thus saving you time and money.

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